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Book Launch Bestseller

In gratitude for the book launch putting Transforming Fear into Gold into the bestseller category on Amazon, we are keeping the launch offer open. Anyone who buys the book on Amazon through the launch link:
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gets access to hundreds of dollars worth of free gifts, including a recording from me titled "History According to the Sumerian Tablets."
The book is available in paperback or in the Kindle version for under $8, less than the $9.99 value for my gift alone!

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Television Appearance

Interview of Dr. Stone by Rev. Elizabeth Howell

Elizabeth Howell

Elizabeth Howell, hostess of TV show "Psychic Sushi."

Tip of the Week

Have you noticed how things are changing? Take an inventory of yourself and find out if you can do some things right now that you didn’t think you would ever do. Recently I found myself in the pits of despair about needing to do three technological things that seem so easy for the younger generation and are even more challenging now that I am have crossed the magic age line of 65. I prayed to Archangel Michael to help me figure things out and to my amazement, I was able to
1. Convert a 90 minute MP4 file into an MP3 file so I could burn a CD and was also able to split the file in two since the maximum time you can get on a CD disc is 80 min. I was so pleased!
2. Do a file conversion on an Ipad video so that I could use it in Windows Moviemaker.
3. Figure out how to disable my cookies so that I could access my website page again and write another tip of the week after being blocked from access for months.
In addition to praying, I also did a Google search for “How to______” for each topic. God bless the people who already had these challenges and wrote about how to solve them.

Soul Detective Badge & Certification

Soul Detective badge

Soul Detective Badge


Soul Detective® Certification Requirements:


•Completion of all three levels of Soul Detective Training

•Eight Group Consultations                   

•Eight Case Reports

•Two videos demonstrating mastery of skills

•Ten hours of individual work      

•Completion of Ethics Course

•Required Reading

Requirement details:

Eight Group Consultations

A minimum of eight group consultations via teleconference (90 minutes each), to ask questions and present cases. Teleconferences are monthly, and the fee per group is $50. A student may attend more than eight teleconferences if desired, at the same rate.  Individual consultations may be substituted for the group sessions, with one hour of individual consultation discussing Soul Detective Cases substituting for a 90 minute group.

Eight Case Reports

The certification candidate presents a summary of eight individual Soul Detective sessions in which the student is the therapist.  Cases may be presented during group consultation, with feedback, at no additional charge. Cases may also be presented via mail or email for an additional charge of $20 per case, with review and feedback.  They may also be presented during an individual case consultation sessions.

Specifications for the case reports:

  1. All cases need to be issues that originate in the spiritual or intuitive realms.
  2. Each case report needs to address centering and what the practitioner did to be sure the system was organized.
  3. Build a customized treatment sequence in at least FIVE of the cases.
  4. Include all of these issues among the cases (a case may have more than one issue):

a. Earthbound Spirit Attachments
b. Past Life Trauma
c. Curse or Hex
d. Ancestral Wound
e. Vows
f. Energetic Cord
g. Optional: Detrimental Energy

Two Videos Submitted to Dr. Stone Demonstrating Mastery of These Four Essential Skills:

  1. Centering
  2. Clearing Reversals
  3. Building a customized algorithm
  4. Confidence in your ability to self-test

Review time for these videos will be at Dr. Stone’s hourly rate.

Ten Hours of Individual Work

We need to be sure we have addressed our own “emotional loopholes” to do this work well. At least two hours need to be with Dr. Stone, and the other eight hours can be with other certified soul detectives or other students in the soul detective certification program.

Ethics Course

Completion of the Ethics and Legal Principles & Risk Management Strategies for Soul Detective Practitioners/Trainers online course taught by attorney Midge Murphy.
You can register for this class here.

Required Reading

Both of Dr. Stone’s books Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present and Transforming Fear into Gold: How Facing What Frightens You the Most Can Heal and Light Up Your Heart.

Badge and Logo

Certification is not guaranteed simply by completing all the requirements of the certification program. A person’s presence, skill level, understanding of the complexities of spiritual work, and ethics are all considered before granting Soul detective certification. If a person has not yet met the level needed for certification after fulfilling the above requirements, the person will have the opportunity to continue their training and get feedback on what is needed to upgrade their skills to the level of mastery needed for certification.

Upon certification, and signing a legal agreement granting certification, a student gets a Soul Detective badge with their name on it and may call themselves a “Soul Detective” and use the Soul Detective badge and the Soul Detective logo in their advertising.

Initial certification is for a two-year period with a renewal date of either January 1st or July 1st, whichever comes first after the practitioner’s initial certification.

Certification Renewal

While renewal for the next 2-year period does not carry any renewal fee, it does require a minimum of four hours of continuing Soul Detective education which may be in the form of group teleconferences, individual consultations with Dr. Stone or another certified Soul Detective, or attending a Soul Detective training as a graduate with a 50% tuition discount.

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