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Pro Call Recordings Available with CE Credit

Distance Learning Opportunity !!

For energy practitioners interested in knowing more about Soul Detective work, Dr. Stone offers a series of 16 educational recordings, two hours each, on different aspects of using the Soul Detective approach.

Each series of four recordings has 8 Continuing Education Units available from NASW and the Massachusetts Collaborative with passing a post-test and submitting an evaluation, included in the package. The individual recordings do not have CEs.


1. Family Constellation Issues
2. Archetypes
3. Boundary Protocol
4. Dreams

1. Past life Trauma, Parallel Life Trauma, Positive Past Life, Earthbound Spirit, and Obsessive Spirit Protocols
2. Detrimental Energy Protocol
3. Djinn Protocol
4. Invasive Programs (ET Interference Protocol)

1. Soul Loss
2. Chakra Interventions: New Techniques
3. Curses and Hexes
4. Pendulum Dowsing: New Techniques

1. Vows
2. Dissociation/DID
3. Contracts
4. Soul Origin/Affinity

For more information and to order yours, see the Pro Call Series page.

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Book Launch Free Gift

Thank you for purchasing your copy of Transforming Fear into Gold. Click the link below to claim your free gift from me:

Transforming Fear Into Gold

History According to the Sumerian Tablets–book launch

Sumerian Tablet Giant

In this 44 minute lecture, Dr. Stone summarizes the view of the origin of our planet and our species provided in translations from cuneiform tablets from the site of ancient Sumer, now the country of Iraq. Clay tablets written in cuneiform and found in Iraq, the site of ancient Sumer, provide some startling insights into the creation of Homo sapiens. Translated only in the last hundred years, they tell a tale of ancient astronauts coming to earth to mine gold. These astronauts were called the Nephilim in the Old Testament, and many of the Old Testament stories are found in amplified form in these tablets. In this 44 minute lecture, Dr. Stone summarizes the view of the origin of our planet and our species provided in the Sumerian tablets, comparing the Sumerian narrative with stories from the Old Testament. She shows how the two viewpoints fit together and explain the fierce battles between rival gods in the Old Testament and the humans who worshiped them.

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