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Book Launch Bestseller

In gratitude for the book launch putting Transforming Fear into Gold into the bestseller category on Amazon, we are keeping the launch offer open. Anyone who buys the book on Amazon through the launch link:
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gets access to hundreds of dollars worth of free gifts, including a recording from me titled "History According to the Sumerian Tablets."
The book is available in paperback or in the Kindle version for under $8, less than the $9.99 value for my gift alone!

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Television Appearance

Interview of Dr. Stone by Rev. Elizabeth Howell

Elizabeth Howell

Elizabeth Howell, hostess of TV show "Psychic Sushi."

Tip of the Week

Have you noticed how things are changing? Take an inventory of yourself and find out if you can do some things right now that you didn’t think you would ever do. Recently I found myself in the pits of despair about needing to do three technological things that seem so easy for the younger generation and are even more challenging now that I am have crossed the magic age line of 65. I prayed to Archangel Michael to help me figure things out and to my amazement, I was able to
1. Convert a 90 minute MP4 file into an MP3 file so I could burn a CD and was also able to split the file in two since the maximum time you can get on a CD disc is 80 min. I was so pleased!
2. Do a file conversion on an Ipad video so that I could use it in Windows Moviemaker.
3. Figure out how to disable my cookies so that I could access my website page again and write another tip of the week after being blocked from access for months.
In addition to praying, I also did a Google search for “How to______” for each topic. God bless the people who already had these challenges and wrote about how to solve them.


Soul Detective In the News

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Conversation with Dr. Barbara Stone about Soul Detective Healing


“Dying in Childbirth: Exploring a Past Life with EFT.”  Article from May 21, 2011.

“Soul Detective Regressions.” The Journal of Regression Therapy, April, 2011, Volume XX, No. 1.

“Energy Psychology in Africa: Exploring Spiritual Dimensions.”  International Journal of Healing and Caring, January, 2010 Volume 10, No. 1.

“Energy Psychology Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress in Genocide Survivors in a Rwandan Orphanage: A Pilot Investigation”  Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment, November, 2009 (

“Healing Emotional Holes.” Summer, 2002 ISSUE Number 1, Integrative Health and Healing.

“How does energy flow?”October 1, 2011

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World Tapping Summit video on Project LIGHT: Trauma Healing in Rwanda

Trauma Healing in Rwanda

Energy Therapy Workshops in Nigeria

James Leininger Soul Survivor Commentary

Invisible Roots Trailer

Reincarnation and the Lotus Symbol

Dr. Stone’s Experiences with John of God

       Centering Correction Videos:

Seven Centering Corrections

Muscle Testing Tips

Proper Energy Flow Up-Down

Non-Polarization and Corrections

Proper Energy Flow Front-Back

Proper Energy Flow Left-Right

Heart Brain Integration

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