(This topic is covered in Soul Detective Level Three Training)

A wound that happens to an ancestor can affect other family members not only through imprinting into the DNA of everyone down line, but also through wounding the family soul.  Each person has a soul, and each family also has a soul.  When an ancestor has unresolved trauma, it imprints onto others in the family.  Often the most sensitive person in the family will carry the feelings of the troubled ancestor.

The Soul Detective Protocol for Ancestral Wounds uses muscle testing to find out how many generations back the wound goes and whether it came through the mother line or the father line in each generation.  Once we locate the ancestor in distress, we do a surrogate treatment for that person through the descendant.  At the end of the protocol, we invite any others in the family’s ancestral lineage who have had similar issues to couple to the healing energy for the benefit of the whole family.


Raphael was the last of six children, born when his mother was in her late 40’s and his father in his early 50’s, ten years after his next-older sibling.  Raphael always felt like his birth was an accident, and his mother referred to him as “a happy mistake.”  Raphael felt stuck in his life and came to therapy to help move forward with clarifying and accomplishing his goals.  We started the session with centering exercises of the heart massage, over-energy correction, collarbone breathing, and the bellybutton connection until Raphael felt his energy field was centered.

Ancestral Wound

The target issue in this session was insomnia.  The major component contributing to the insomnia muscle tested as an ancestral wound, more specifically, a wound in his father, Rocky, that was affecting Raphael as his descendant.

By the time Raphael arrived, his father had achieved great success and recognition in his field.  His whole life was focused on work, and Rocky had high expectations of Raphael without offering any constructive input, much like the typical 50’s dad.  Rocky had lost his own father in a car accident when he was young, and Rocky was tough.  Raphael remembered his father being sick with stomach ulcers and angina, and he was often irritable.  On the other hand, his mother was very warm-hearted, loving, and accepting.  She had a deeply cultivated spiritual life, and Raphael’s adult relationship with her in the realm of spirituality was unique within his family.  His father taught him the value of integrity but did not speak of other spiritual notions or practice religious worship or live by a creed as did his mother, who was Catholic.

The Crash

Seven years after losing the fortune he had amassed through his hard work, talent, and excellent intuition, Rocky’s car crashed head-on into a bus full of fans going to a rock concert.  At the time he was in his mid 70’s and had gone back to work and was making a comeback.  Fortunately, Rocky was the only casualty in the accident.  Raphael had always suspected his death might be a suicide, but that possibility was not discussed as the coroner had reported the death to be the result of massive heart attack.

Treating Dad

Raphael was highly intuitive and easily connected with his father’s spirit.  We called pyramids of Light around us, guardians and guardian angels for everyone involved, and got permission from Spirit to work with his father.  However, Rocky did not want any help! We recognized his position was consistent with his attitude while he was still in his body that he did not condone either asking for help or offering help.  But when we let him know that his son was being affected by his issues and asked if he would do some
work together to help his son, he softened and agreed.

Rocky was initially unaware that he was no longer in his physical body and thought that the date was the year of his car accident, over 25 years earlier.  Raphael showed him a calendar to help him realize what had happened.  We talked with him about his spirit leaving his body in the accident.  Rocky wanted to stay on the earth, as his job and love had been working with the earth, and working was his whole life.  He did not want to go to Heaven and was hesitant about going to the Light.  We needed to find another motivation for him to move on.  We found that he did want to reconnect with his childhood friends and buddies—gentle spirits who had also accomplished things during their lives, but in more balanced and rounded ways.

We muscle tested for the exact acupressure points we needed to tap to clear Rocky’s trauma, guilt, and anger.  Next we checked in with him on what he had been feeling right before the crash.  Raphael sensed his father had felt chest pain and fear.  We tapped more points to clear the sadness and fear of the heart attack that caused the crash and also cleared the shame that had held those feelings in place.

Unfinished Business

Rocky was still not ready to cross over.  He was starting to get positive images of the other side but could not go yet.  He was worried about his son Raphael’s work life.  We explained that if Rocky wanted to, after a time of healing on the other side, he could be a spirit guide for Raphael.

One more issue kept Rocky from going to the other side—unfinished business with Raphael.  We gave Rocky the chance to communicate what was in his heart to his son.  Raphael felt how very sorry his father was that he had not been emotionally present to him, that he had been depressed, irritable and critical, and unable to give him the love he needed.  He asked forgiveness of his son.

Raphael wept profusely as his father was saying these things to him.  He wanted to forgive, but the pain still hurt his heart.  We saw the family pattern that Rocky’s mother had mental problems, and Rocky had suffered from undiagnosed depression himself. His irritability was a prominent sign of his depression, and his being a workaholic was his defense to try to keep the darkness of the depression from overwhelming him.  Insomnia, his presenting issue, is another prominent sign of depression.

Dogsled Running Party

Rocky’s father, who had also died in a car accident, was still earthbound.  We invited him to come into our octahedron of Light, and in a flash, he was present, jovial, and ready to cross with no individual work.  He was going with his son—whoopee!

At last, Rocky was ready to join his beloved wife on the other side.  We invited any other fathers who felt they had not been present enough for their children and any others suffering from the weight of depression to join the crossing group.  Rocky wanted to go by dogsled through the gorgeous Northern country in Canada.  So the group set out, with Archangel Michael being the dogsled driver.  Both men were seen from behind running robustly like the young athletes they had been; each on one side of the sled.  The trees, the water, the rocks, and the sky were a glorious sight.  What a joyous party!  Rocky had healed enough to make the crossing and would complete his healing once he got to the other side.

Healing for Raphael

Finally, we worked with Raphael’s current feelings of depression and cleared the rage and trauma from his very difficult childhood experiences.  At the end, he felt the emotional storm was over.  We asked the angels of healing to erase the inherited tendency for depression from Raphael’s system and from the whole lineage, all the descendants in his family line, of course including Raphael’s children.  Then we asked the angels to lift the pain of his childhood from Raphael’s heart and to let radiant joy fill his being.  We asked for love, the side-effect of forgiveness, to fill his heart.

After this session, Raphael noticed that his sleep pattern improved.  He still had more work to do to heal his soul, and he came for several more sessions to release the imprints of the “shoe box” he felt he had been trapped in during childhood.  He also worked to clear his past life trauma holding dysfunctional patterns in place, to rebuild his life, and to learn to not be so hard on himself!

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