Invisible Roots

The Soul Detective™ approach to resolving emotional problems includes the unseen realm of Spirit—past life trauma, earthbound spirit attachments, curses and hexes, ancestral wounds, soul loss, invasive implants, and various forms of detrimental energy. The step-by-step protocols to work with these topics help energy healers find the origins of the problems, the “invisible roots,” desensitize the emotional turmoil, and restore proper energy flow. The ultimate goal is for clients to reconnect with their True Self and stand in the power of who they really are.

Daring to take emotional healing into the realms of Spirit for answers you won’t find any other way!

Foreword by Bernie Siegel, MD “I know from experience the truth which this book reveals. I would ask everyone to read it with an open mind and see how it provides you with a better understanding of your life and who you are today. The knowledge it provides can help you to heal your life experience and become your authentic self. Your past created you, but it can be abandoned if it was destructive. Invisible Roots can be your guide to freedom and the blossoming of your true self.” ~ Bernie Siegel, MD,, author of Love, Magic & Mudpies and 365 Prescriptions for the Soul

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