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DURATION: 2 days (10am-6pm ET)
COST: $495
Register 14 days or more before your class to be eligible for the EARLY BIRD discounts.

The full price for taking each workshop separately is $3,075.
But if you register for all levels at once, you get a $200 discount = $2,875
If your payment in full is at least two weeks before the date of the first workshop, you qualify for an additional early bird discount = $2,650.

Or …

Register for Levels 1, 2 & 3 at the same time and you only pay $1,785, a $100 dollar savings off of registering for each course separately. If you pay in full two weeks prior to the first workshop, your discount grows to $135 and you only pay $1,650.


Refund minus $50 registration fee with at least 7 days advance notice.
For cancellation with less than 7 days notice, tuition minus $50 registration fee will be credited toward a future training.

Additional $50 scholarship per level based on need available with a letter of request accompanying the application.

Payment plan available.


Key Benefits

•Using the Soul Detective protocol to find and clear past life trauma

•Learning Muscle Testing to gather identifying information about past lives.  For more information on muscle testing, see my Youtube video “Muscle Testing Tips”

Dowsing Rods_0550 (200x150)Measurement of the human energy field with dowsing rods for in-person classes only. Not available with the online Level One course.

•Customized centering and balancing techniques

•Energy Tapping to rapidly release the energetic blockages underlying trauma

•Finding and connecting with one’s Guardian Angels and personal guidance team, including spirit guides, beloved ancestors, totem animals, and Ascended Masters.

ATTUNEMENT CRYSTALS:  A crystal is provided with each of the first three levels of Basic Soul Detective training. The crystal is attuned to the body of knowledge needed for each level plus added characteristics for each level.

All 3 attunement Crystals (2)

  • Level One is a Fluorite octahedron, just over an inch high.
  • Level Two is a Selenite wand 3″ long.
  • Level Three is a clear quartz crystal point about 2″ long.


When a big chunk of Fluorite is struck, it naturally falls apart into octahedrons. These octahedrons have had their sides polished, so their beauty shines through. Fluorite colors range from clear to green, blue, purple, and rainbows of the different colors together. Highly protective and stabilizing, Fluorite grounds and harmonizes spiritual energy. I love it because it is the shape we use in our invocation. Fluorite increases intuitive abilities, anchors intuitive insights, links the mind to universal consciousness, clears mucky energies, and develops connection to spirit. What a gem!

The additional qualities programmed into the Fluorite octahedron are permanent protection for the soul, finding and healing one’s own past life trauma, and awareness of when the energy field is fully centered so the practitioner can rebalance whenever needed.
angelic cord free image

Target audience: Professional healers from a broad range of disciplines.  While the information will be most useful for hypnotherapists, counselors, psychotherapists, and social workers, other practitioners who work with emotional healing and want skills to work with past life trauma are also welcome: hands-on healers, massage therapists, chiropractors, psychiatric nurses, spiritual guidance directors, and reiki masters.

Prerequisite: None

CEs: This program has been approved for 12 continuing education units for ACEP re-certification.

The Soul Detective Approach

When past life trauma comes up as the origin of a problem, the Soul Detective protocol taught in this workshop provides students the opportunity to use muscle testing rather than hypnosis to gather information. After getting centered and getting spiritual permission to work with the past life, the protocol calls in spiritual help to work with the traumatic energy. Next muscle testing determines gender of that life, age at death, cause of death, and enough other identifying information so that the student can make an intuitive connection to that lifetime and then do energy tapping to clear the trauma involved.

Whether the soul of the student actually had the life in objective reality, or whether the life is fictional and the student simply has an emotional resonance to the problem, the life is treated “as if it were true” to give the student the opportunity for healing the emotions involved.

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Soul Detective Level One: $495

EARLY BIRD rate if registering two weeks in advance: $450


DISCOUNT for registering for levels 1-3 all at once: $1,785

EARLY BIRD extra discount for paying in full two weeks before the first class: $1,650


Price for group purchase of Level 1 – 4B: $2,875.

EARLY BIRD price for payment in full two weeks in advance for Level 1 – 4B: $2,650


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