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The US Government has known about the existence of ET races on the planet since the 1940’s. Why has this information been kept secret from the American public? Read more…

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Finding the Spiritual Roots of Mental and Emotional Distress

Soul Detective protocols are therapeutic tools for therapists and energy healers to help clients heal the origins or “invisible roots” of their complex emotional wounds. Through connecting to the True Self and one’s own inner guidance, these tools empower a client to fulfill the soul’s mission in life and to joyfully express one’s gifts and talents to help bring personal and planetary peace and harmony.

 What makes Soul Detective work unique?

Many emotional healing methods stop at the border of the mind, treating each problem as a developmental impasse, trauma, resistance to therapy, or interpersonal conflict. Soul Detective work looks at the invisible world of spirit behind these problems and resolves the spiritual aspects involved—past life trauma, earthbound spirits, and invasive energies—in a gentle, win-win strategy to first help the invading entities heal and move into the Light and then help the clients heal and seal their wounds so clients can regain and hold their autonomy.

 How is this work different from psychotherapy? 

Psychotherapy often takes a long time to examine the subconscious programs governing dysfunctional behavior patterns. Soul Detective work cuts right to the core of  the issue and frequently resolves a problem in just a couple of sessions. More difficult issues have many layers and take longer, but progress moves rapidly when tworking multi-dimensionally. This work is spiritual coaching and mentoring. 

Below is a YouTube video from the series EMEX 22: Sharing Energy Medicine at home, working, loving and healing together where my partner Robert Alcorn, MD, and I talk about Soul Detective work and how we work together.


“I am continually pleased and impressed seeing the growth and range of your work. Your Soul Detective program seems original and a great contribution to therapists and energy workers.”

Eric Huure

Producer, Skywriter Communications Inc., OPERATION: Emotional Freedom - The Answer

Star Civilizations 101 by Barbara Stone, PhD.

Star Civilizations 101 by Barbara Stone, PhdThe US Government has known about the existence of ET races on the planet since the 1940’s. Why has this information been kept secret from the American public? Who would gain from disclosure, and who would lose? Top secret documents have been released, including the story of a live ET who survived the Roswell crash, the Serpo project ambassadorial exchange with a planet in the Zeta Reticuli star system, and the CIA spearheading the assassination of JFK because he wanted the public to know the truth about Star Civilizations. In a universe of two trillion galaxies, the likelihood that not even one other planet anywhere could develop intelligent life is preposterous! For those who have the courage to look at the evidence, this book introduces the reader to two dozen different Star Civilizations, with very different agendas for their interaction with our species.

Reptilians have dominated religion and politics in human culture since ancient times, interbreeding with royal bloodlines to enslave humans. The Nordics, tall, beautiful, Scandinavian-looking people, have been at war with the Reptilians for thousands of years and are helping free us from Reptilian domination. The short Greys and some other Star groups are trying to hybridize their DNA with ours, for questionable purposes. The Arcturians, Sirians, and Pleiadians in higher dimensions are helping raise our vibration so our planet can ascend to the 5th dimension, a place of love, light, and unity consciousness. Helpful Star Civilizations bring free energy technologies and medical advances to wipe out illness, promote vitality, and extend human lifespan. May truth be revealed!

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