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Radiant Life Card Deck

This card deck is a self-help tool anyone can use to lift your spirit and create a radiant life! Dr. Stone has collaborated with Sacred Visionary Artist Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan to put together this powerful card deck. Visually stunning, Eva has infused each painting with a special blessing and light language to help you step into all that you truly are, into the radiance and fullness of your soul. Size: 3 ½ X 5 ¾”, housed in a tuck box. The 56 cards include an instruction card, eight cards with centering corrections to help the work go deeper, and 47 cards with inspirational, helping patterns to use during prayer, meditation and healing work.

Card Samples

Radiant Life Card Deck Instructions

Card Deck $29.95

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Star Civilizations 101

Star Civilizations 101 by Barbara Stone, Phd The US Government has known about the existence of ET races on the planet since the 1940’s. Why did they work so hard to keep this information secret from the American public? At last, they government is starting to release what they know, including the story of a live ET who survived the Roswell crash, the Serpo project ambassadorial exchange with a planet in the Zeta Reticuli star system, and the CIA spearheading the assassination of JFK because, among other reforms, Kennedy wanted the public to know the truth about Star Civilizations. For those who have the courage to look at the evidence, this book introduces the reader to two dozen different Star Civilizations, with very different agendas for their interaction with our species.

The troublemakers, mostly Reptilians and Greys, have been trying to keep our vibration low so they can enslave us. The Nordics, tall, beautiful, Scandinavian-looking people, have been at war with the Reptilians for thousands of years and are helping free us from Reptilian domination. The Arcturians, Sirians, Venusians, Pleiadians, and Andromedans in higher dimensions are helping raise our vibration so our planet can ascend to the 5th dimension, a place of love, light, and unity consciousness. If you sense you are a Starseed, that you came from a higher dimension to help Earth with her ascension, you may identify with one of these helpful Star Civilizations.

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Transforming Fear Into Gold: How Facing What Frightens You the Most Can Heal and Light Up Your Heart

Transforming Fear into Gold is a guide to converting your greatest fears—fear of dying, fear of poverty, fear of annihilation, fear of the unknown—into energy you can use to burst the limitations that bind you and expand into your full human potential. Dr. Stone demonstrates this metamorphosis with a variety of inspiring case histories from her psychotherapy practice using her step-by-step Soul Detective Detrimental Energy Protocol which calls in angelic protection, identifies harmful influences, finds the cognitive distortions running the fears, and shines the golden light of consciousness into the dark places to heal the heart and restore the soul. In the section of the book entitled “I Want This Nightmare to End!”she gives a detailed account of one particular client’s journey to recovery. “Paula” reported that she had been ritually abused by a satanic cult that required its members to sacrifice their firstborn child, an ancient custom Paula says is still being observed today.Tracing the roots of the practice of human sacrifice back to Molech, a rival god worshiped in biblical times, Dr. Stone examines the belief systems driving the violence that humans perpetrate upon each other. For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see deeper truth behind the story presented in the Old Testament, she shows how the mysteries revealed in ancient Sumerian tablets set us free from fears that are deeply embedded in our DNA. By finding and transforming the illusions perpetrated by the dark side, we can move out of fear and reconnect with the infinite love that the Great Creator of All has for each human heart and then spread that joy throughout the Universe! Released October 18, 2012, and available now. 532 pages.

Retail Price: $24.95

Special web discount for a copy signed by Dr. Stone: $22.95

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Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present

What happens when psychological problems and physical symptoms stubbornly persist even with the most advanced methods of cure? This problem confounded many of psychotherapist Dr. Barbara Stone’s clients, who could not shake phobias, addictions, depression, anger, pain, chronic fatigue, and other physical conditions, no matter what they tried. Then, searching deeper realms uncovered links to traumatic past lives, and to spirits of the deceased who had not been able to move into the Light because of emotional turmoil. After treating the wounds of these past lives and earthbound spirits, the presenting problems disappeared. This groundbreaking book describes these remarkable stories and the methods used to help people heal. A resource for therapists confronted with these phenomena, this book is also for anyone struggling to understand the origins of persistent patterns of blockage or disease. Best of all, it brings the remarkable breakthrough therapies of Energy Psychology to bear on this difficult area, providing an abundance of tools and techniques for resolving issues whose roots lie in realms other than the present lifetime.

Book: $17.95

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Cancer As Initiation: Surviving the Fire by Dr. Barbara Stone

Open Court Publishing Co., 1994 This is the haunting personal story of one woman’s journey through breast cancer. For Barbara Stone, cancer was not a death sentence, but a challenge to become more fully alive, an initiation into a new stage of life. Dr. Stone combined the best tools from Western medicine, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, with the best tools from Eastern medicine: meditation, yoga, herbs, and acupuncture–both to help her body withstand the side effects of the Western treatments and to bolster her immune system to enable her to survive the cancer. Her gripping account draws on the wisdom that came to her through her dreams and includes journal entries which show the emotional highs and lows of the healing process. Stone argues that one can take the fear out of breast cancer by gaining greater understanding of the nature of the illness and possible contributing factors and, most of all, explaining ways to prevent immune system dysfunction in the first place. Praise for Cancer as Initiation… “I actually read the book at one sitting…Cancer as Initiation is an intimate, compelling, and personal account of a woman’s grappling with the profound initiation of breast cancer. A must read for patients and physicians alike.” Dr. Constance Lorman, St. Vincent Hospital, Worcester, MA

Book: $17.95

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CDs and MP3s

Audio: Invisible Roots Stories & Songs

Chapters 1-20 of Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present, read by the author.  Each chapter is a short case history including a song composed for a character to convey the depth of emotion of these adventures interfacing with the spiritual realm. Vocals and synthesizer:  Barbara Stone Stonepower Recording, 2011 Available as a 5-CD set  (6 hours) or in convenient mp3 downloadable files.

5 CD set $27.95

MP3 Files: Get an mp3 file of Chapter 1: Mary’s Trip to School FREE!


Full set of 20 chapters – $14.99 (308Mb zip file)

Each individual chapter – $.99 Chapter 2: Guardians Galore  13 min. 52 sec

Chapter 3: Waiting for Onalea  10:30

Chapter 4: Goodbye, Grandma  14:3

Chapter 5: Sinking in Ice Water  24:13

Chapter 6: Friends Forever  34:50

Chapter 7: The Bridge  13:13

Chapter 8: No More Taxi!  21:28

Chapter 9: Vow of Poverty  12:06

Chapter 10: I Can Only Imagine  13:56

Chapter 11: The Little Prince  15:23

Chapter 12: Jamestown Colony  11:44

Chapter 13: Unbearable Pain  9:52

Chapter 14: Trail of Tears  38:48

Chapter 15: Stonewalled  9:51

Chapter 16: Sister Maria’s Peace  19:30

Chapter 17: The Fallacy of Humans  10:26

Chapter 18: Everything Serves  8:23

Chapter 19: Learning Self-Love  8:14

Chapter 20: Progression of Past Lives  27:30

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History According to the Sumerian Tablets CD

Sumerian Tablets pdomainStonepower Recording, 2012. In this 44 minute lecture, Dr. Stone summarizes the view of the origin of our planet and our species provided in translations from cuneiform tablets from the site of ancient Sumer, now the country of Iraq. Clay tablets written in cuneiform and found in Iraq, the site of ancient Sumer, provide some startling insights into the creation of Homo sapiens. Translated only in the last hundred years, primarily by author Zecharia Sitchin, they tell a tale of ancient astronauts coming to earth to mine gold. These astronauts were called the Nephilim in the Old Testament, and many of the Old Testament stories are found in amplified form in these tablets. The comparison shows how the two viewpoints fit together and may explain the fierce battles between rival gods in the Old Testament and the humans who worshiped them.  Photo: Sumerian Creation Myth 2nd millennium BC

MP3 $9.99

CD $15.00

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Chakra Balance Meditation CD

Stonepower Recording, 1994

Track 1: Guided body scan relaxation with chakra attunement (36 min.)

Track 2: Guided 25 min. meditation followed by bells every 5 min (45 min.)

This chakra attunement, geared for women, goes from the base of the spine up the seven energy centers called “chakras” to the top of the head. In addition, since the bones of the spine resonate to different frequencies of sound, Dr. Stone composed a piece of music in the key of C to resonate to the root chakra, the key of D for the sacral chakra, key of E for the solar plexus, F for the heart, G for the throat, A for the brow, and B for the crown. The colors that correspond to the vibrations of each center are also visualized, from red at the bottom to orange, then yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet at the top (infrared to ultraviolet). So the meditation goes up the spine, up the rainbow, and up the scale! Solo acoustic piano music and vocals composed and performed by Barbara Stone, Ph.D.

Cover art by Becki Moffett-Moore, “Butterfly” ©

CD: $15.00

MP3s Track 1 – Body Scan Meditation with Chakra Attunement $7.99

Track 2 – Guided Meditation with Bells $1.99

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Miracle Songs CD

Stonepower Recording, 2007

Text from A Course in Miracles
Violin: Kathy Oyer Flute: Cindy Robinett
Piano and Vocals: Barbara Stone
Music composed by Barbara Stone
1. All Things
2. Love His Son
3. Forgiveness
4. By Grace I Live
5. More Than Anything
6. I Am Surrounded
7. I Am Not a Body
8. I Am One Self
9. I Am Not a Body Refrain
10. This Holy Instant
11. I Thank My Father
12. Love Created Me Like Itself (Full length sample track)
13. This Day/I Want the Peace of God
14. Spirit Am I
15. Light, Peace, & Joy
16. My Heart Is Beating
17. I Rest in God
18. The Gift of Christ/ If I Am Bound
19. God Is My Refuge
20. The Peace of God
21. Nothing
22. It Can Be But Myself
23. Let Me Remember
24. God is But Love
25. I Am Entitled to Miracles

CD: $15.00

MP3: $9.99

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Love Notes for the Soul CD

Stonepower Recording, 2005

Nine original compositions written and performed by Dr. Barbara Stone.  These songs came through Dr. Stone while improvising at the piano, opening her heart to the Divine.  Their messages of love heal the soul. Lyrics to “The Jesus Prayer” and cover art by Bert Fellows. All other lyrics by Barbara Stone. Acoustic piano and vocals by Barbara Stone.


1. Message from God (Full length sample track)
2. Heaven Can Wait
3. Heaven on Earth
4. The Shaman Brings Us Back
5. The Jesus Prayer
6. Breakup Blessing
7. The Divine
8. The Newborn
9. Unity

CD: $15.00

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Stonepower Recording, 1999 by Barbara Stone, PhD

Track A: Balancing and Centering Exercises: Simple exercises to help Align, Balance and Center all vectors of the human energy field: up-down, front-back, and left-right. The Thymus Thump and Heart Massage the affirmations of self-acceptance help realign the vertical axis. The Over-Energy Correction and Collarbone Breathing Exercise help center the front to back energy axis. The Cross Crawl Exercise and Heart-Brain Integration work on centering the left-right axis. (23 minutes) Track B: Affirmations for TFT Treatment Points: The listener is guided to tap on a balancing point for each of the 14 meridians in the body, while adding an affirmation to strengthen each one. The second round of tapping these points adds the exact location of each point, the name of the meridian, identifies the negative emotion that rides on this energetic pathway, and then repeats the affirmation to balance the meridian. (17 minutes)

CD: $10.00

MP3s: .99 per track


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Releasing the Vows of Poverty DVD

Releasing Vows of PovertyDr. Barbara Stone, LISW DCEP Vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience taken in a religious order are written on the soul and perseverate into all future incarnations, producing difficulty making money and building healthy partnerships. This workshop, in which you may participate,  presents a protocol to rescind these vows and replace suffering as a way to draw close to the Divine with a new “fast track” to spiritual growth—joy! Now sincere spiritual seekers can choose this path of the radiant joy that fills our hearts as we find and live our soul’s mission. (56 minutes) Produced by ASV Video Productions, LLC, 2011

DVD: $19.95

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Healing Past Life Trauma DVD

Healing Past Life Trauma DVDIn this presentation, Dr. Stone explains how unresolved trauma in past lives can manifest into physical pain and illness in our current lives and can form unexplained phobias, problems that are resistant to standard treatment methods and attraction or repulsion to a person upon first meeting. Finding the “Invisible Root” of the trauma in the past heals and sets a person free. This lecture also includes a group healing experience using energy tapping for oneself and one’s ancestors that the viewer can choose to participate in while watching the presentation. (49 minutes)

Produced by ASV Video Productions, LLC, 2008

DVD: $19.95

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Earthbound Spirit Release DVD

Sometimes problems experienced by clients actually belong to someone else–an earthbound spiit.  When a loved one such as a parent, child or a sibling dies, sometimes the unresolved grief of the survivor seems to make an energetic pull on the deceased that prevents the spirit from fully moving into the next world.  The Soul Detective protocol developed by Dr. Barbara Stone uses transpersonal assistance and energy therapy to help the earthbound spirit heal and cross into the Light and is elaborated in her book Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present.  In this presentation, Dr. stone explains this procedure in detail and follows with convincing exercises using TFT (Thought Field Therapy), Muscle Testing and Clinical Kinesiology.  (57 minutes) Produced by ASV Video Productions, LLC, 2010

DVD: $19.95

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Transforming Detrimental Energy DVD

 DetrimentalTransforming Detrimental Energy DVD Cover Scan energy runs the gamut from its most mild form of a constant stream of self-critical thoughts to the most extreme form of distorted beliefs that seem to be like an interference pattern coming in from the outside. In the lecture portion of this DVD, Dr. Stone explains that just like a gash in the skin makes a person vulnerable to a bacterial infection, emotional wounds seem to make people vulnerable to getting infected with programs of anger, revenge, and self-hatred. The demonstration portion of this DVD shows Dr. Stone using her Soul Detective Detrimental Energy Protocol, included in her book Transforming Fear into Gold, with a volunteer from the audience to heal the wound of childhood sexual abuse. The protocol sets sacred space and then calls on help from the trans-personal realm to raise the consciousness of the distorted programs and to restore Light and hope to the client. (51 minutes) Time: 50:49

Produced by ASV Video Productions, LLC, 2012

DVD: $19.95

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Centering Tests and Corrections DVD

Stonepower Recording, 2010

Centering, the first step for any therapeutic process, aligns the biofields so a person can become fully present in one’s own life.
Time  Contents
00:16  Seven Centering Corrections
1. Thymus Thump
2. Heart Massage
3. Brain Buttons
4. Over Energy Correction
5. Cross Crawl
6. Scarecrow Cross Crawl
7. Collarbone Breathing
14:02  Muscle Testing Tips
17:15  Proper Energy Flow Up-Down
23:47  Non-Polarization and Corrections
27:37  Proper Energy Flow Front-Back
35:38  Proper Energy Flow Left-Right
41:32 Heart-Brain Integration

DVD: $17.00

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The Hidden Ones DVD

By Barbara Stone, PhD and Robert Alcorn, MD

The Hidden OnesStories of genies are all through our mythologies, television programs, and movies. Known in the Middle East as the Djinn (meaning the “Hidden Ones), legend has it that these fire elemental beings were banned from this dimension when humans were created. Drs. Alcorn and Stone report on their conversations with the Djinn during shamanic journeying and their clinical experiences of working with clients under attack from the Djinn. Out of these experiences, they developed a way to make a relationship with the Djinn, help their clients, and to promote peace between the human and Djinn realms. (53 minutes)
Robert W. Alcorn, MD, is a board certified psychiatrist, practicing in Ohio. He is Medical Director of Alternative Paths, Inc., a community mental health center in Medina, Ohio, and is in private practice in Beachwood, Ohio, near Cleveland. Author of Healing Stories, his shamanic interventions include soul retrieval, divination, and removal of intruding earthbound spirits and other kinds of spirits. Website:

Produced by AVS Video Productions, LLC ©2014

DVD: $19.95

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Reconnecting with the Divine

Reconnecting with the DivineShowing the power and joy of reconnecting to Source energy, Charleene Closshey relates how releasing her negative life belief “I am disconnected from God” in a Soul Detective™ workshop in January of 2011 and then installing the truth “I am always connected to God” made positive shifts in every aspect of her life. Dr. Stone interviews her one year after the event. The actual footage of the workshop follows showing the step-by-step process using Thought Field Therapy, a modality developed by psychologist Roger Callahan, which uses muscle testing to identify the limiting beliefs and a combination of treating meridian points and chakras to release unwanted beliefs and install the truth that “I am always connected to the Divine.”

DVD: $20.00

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ET Implant Removal DVD

As strange as it seems, we are not alone in the universe, and many people have had the experience of interaction with star beings. Most of this interaction is positive, but sometimes people have problems with an implant after an encounter. The intention behind ET implants may be beneficial, neutral, or detrimental. BENEFICIAL: Sometimes our space brothers and sisters try to help us by inserting implants to download information or help us function better. Sometimes these implants need adjustment to calibrate properly with our bodies. NEUTRAL: Just as we tag jaguars and whales to study their behavior, some Extraterrestrial technologically advanced beings seem to be studying human physiology by implanting monitoring devices into our bodies. Some of these implants may be energetic only, and others have a microchip capsule like the ones we use to chip our pets. DETRIMENTAL: In some cases, ETs have been invaded by dark forces and insert implants into humans with harmful intention. In this DVD, Dr. Stone presents the Soul Detective® protocol she developed to identify these implants and to safely remove or re-calibrate them. She demonstrates the method with a volunteer from the audience.

DVD: $19.95

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Dowsing Rods

A pair of 6″ L-rods, brass wire in a copper swivel sleeve. $17.00

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