Soul Detective® protocols help therapists resolve the spiritual aspects of mental illness so their clients can regain autonomy and fulfill their soul’s mission. 

The four levels of Soul Detective training provide step-by-step protocols to help clients at multiple levels: not only the mind and soul, but also the spirit. Levels One, Two and Three of basic Soul Detective training teach protocols for healing past life trauma, helping earthbound spirits cross, and giving clients tools to work their way out of underworld problems of curses and hexes, elemental interference, and invasion by dark forces. Practitioners who want to add the advanced protocols in Level Four go deeply into the unseen world of challenges to help unravel the damage done by detrimental artificial intelligence programs, extraterrestrial implants, Reptilian invasion, vaccinations, cloning, and sorcery.


But we do not need to face these challenges alone. Level One training helps students connect with the spiritual help available to everyone if we just ask: guardian angels, beloved ancestors, spirit guides, totem animals, Star Beings from higher dimensions, and Ascended Masters.
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This depth emotional and spiritual healing, facing the shadow side of humanity, requires great courage. Therapists who have been frustrated by their clients who don’t get better will find healing protocols to deal with people who are beset by underworld problems—recurrent physical and emotional issues that do not heal even with getting the best standard of care available, unremitting grief over the loss of a loved one, bizarre strings of bad luck, personality fracture, generational dysfunctional patterns, and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde intermittent explosive disorders.


What would it be like to be able to find the answer to any question you wanted to ask?  Soul Detective™ training uses Clinical Kinesiology, also called “muscle testing,” a method of checking the strength of a muscle to determine whether a statement is true or false.  The premise of this method is that it is possible to go into invisible realms using the art of muscle testing to find the origin of the presenting problem, tracing its root to discover the exact configuration of the energy disruption—whether it is a past life trauma bleeding into present circumstances, an earthbound spirit hijacking one’s vital life force, or perhaps a dark energy that has invaded a person through his or her emotional wounds.  Soul Detective training presents step-by-step protocols designed to dismantle each category of problem, calling for spiritual assistance from guardians and guardian angels to transform the situation for the highest good of everyone and every being involved.


Level One is 2 days

Level Two is 3 days

Level Three is 3 days

Level 4 is divided into 4A, which is 2 days, and 4B, which is 3 days

Total training is 13 days


Costs: The full cost for Tuition for Levels One through Four is $3,075. With discounts for signing up for all four levels at once and extra-early bird discounts for paying in full a month in advance, the total training tuition comes down to $2,650.

Payment plan available.

Two levels of certification are offered: Basic Soul Detective Certification with mastery of Levels One through Three and Advanced Soul Detective Certification with mastery of Level Four. The total cost for certification will range from an additional vary depending on whether individual work is done only with Dr. Stone or whether part is done as an exchange with another Soul Detective student.

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