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Sometimes things happen to people that we have no logical explanation for.  Pulitzer Prize winning Harvard trained psychiatrist John Mack studied people who reported they had been abducted by aliens.  He thought they were mentally ill, but upon careful examination found no pathology and also surprisingly found that the experience had heightened their sense of spirituality and environmental concern.  His research is reported in his books Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens and Passport to the Cosmos.  When pressed to say whether or not he thought aliens were real, he diplomatically said, “I would say there is a compelling powerful phenomenon here that I can’t account for in any other way, that’s mysterious. Yet I can’t know what it is but it seems to me that it invites a deeper, further inquiry.  (Alien thinking. BBC News. June 8, 2005).

2 Trillion Galaxies in the Universe

To give an idea of how large the universe really is, our solar system is just a tiny piece of the Milky Way galaxy, which has many other stars, with many planets orbiting them. Scientists using the Hubble Telescope estimate that the universe has two trillion galaxies. With all of those galaxies and solar systems within them, the probability of other intelligent life in the universe is very high.  In fact, the probability of other life more intelligent than ours could be extremely high!  Scientists estimate that the Universe is 14 billion years old, and our solar system is only 4.5 billion years old.  In my lifetime our planet figured out how to send a manned spacecraft to the moon.  Why couldn’t other intelligent life that got a billion year head start in their evolution come to visit us?

The whole topic of the possibility that intelligent beings from other planets could be interacting with humans is highly controversial and may involve a huge stretch in one’s world view.  For most of my life, I could not open my mind to this possibility because it frightened me too much.  Even when when I heard a story from a logical, rational client about his abduction experiences, I did not want to believe him because I did not want to change my own belief system.  But as a psychotherapist, I need to suspend judgment of veracity, move out of my own belief system, and treat each client as if the material presented were true, because it holds emotional truth for that client.  When I enter my client’s reality, I speak to that person as if every character in their scenario had objective reality and work to resolve the emotional difficulties the story holds for that person.  Whether this man’s ET abduction was physical, an out-of-body astral experience, or a dream, doing energy tapping while remembering the event helped to resolve the trauma of the memory. Since extraterrestrial interference has come up so often in my practice, I developed a Soul Detective® Protocol to assess the emotional configuration of the distress it causes for clients and a systematic way to resolve their emotional turmoil, remove any invasive programs coming from beings off-planet, and to restore clients to autonomous functioning.

UFO Conference 

When I attended the Ozark UFO conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, in April of 2017, I was amazed at the 700 people the conference drew and all the evidence of ET activity on this planet and the great lengths the US government has taken to hide and confuse reports of UFO activity. One of the best documented cases of ET activity is the experience of Travis Walton’s abduction on November 5, 1975, in the Arizona forest. The movie Fire in the Sky tells his dramatic story. Travis spoke at the conference, sharing his view of what happened. On their way home from a day of logging, Travis and six other loggers spotted a UFO. Travis got out of the truck and walked toward it. The craft blasted off, and Travis was thrown through the air and killed. His co-workers initially fled the scene, fearing they would die also. But soon they came back and found Travis missing. The local sheriff was convinced they had murdered him, but Travis showed up five days later, quite ill. At this point, Travis feels that he was killed by an electromagnetic pulse from the blast-off of the ship, and the ETs took him on board to save his life, returning him as soon as they could.


Zecharia Sitchin

The late author Zecharia Sitchin has written a series of books called The Earth Chronicles in which he has translated material from the Sumerian tablets, a group of over 500,000 clay tablets written in cuneiform which present the story of a race of Extraterrestrials called the Nephilim in the Bible and the Anunnaki in the Sumerian tablets.  According to Sitchin’s translations, these ancient astronauts came to the planet Earth to mine gold which they needed to repair a breech in their atmosphere. When the Anunnaki gold miners went on strike, Anunnaki siblings Enki and Ninmah gene spliced a primitive worker by inserting some of their genetic material into a hominid already walking upright on the earth, probably Homo erectus, thus interfering with and jump starting the evolution of life on earth. Note: If Sitchin’s translations of the Sumerian Tablets are correct, then all of us Homo Sapiens Sapiens are part ET, being hybrids of the 14-foot tall Anunnaki from Nibiru and a primitive homonoid species that developed on Earth. 

Sitchin’s work has been criticized by scientists and academics for flawed methodology and labeled pseudoscience and pseudohistory.  Still, his work has been extremely popular with millions of books sold worldwide and translations into 25 different languages.  Most of the Earth Chronicle books are difficult to read because they are so filled with scholarly details.  The Sitchin book that flows the best is The Lost Book of Enki, the story told from the point of view of Enki himself.

Sitchin shows the influence of Sumerian mythology in the Biblical account of creation and the events from Adam and Eve through the flood to the forming of the Israelite nation as the chosen people of Yahweh.

Michael Tellinger

Michael Tellinger is an author and songwriter who grew up on the gold fields of South Africa. His book Slave Species of God (2006) examines aspects of the ancient astronaut theory from a scientific perspective, including examining cell biology and looking at the unused parts of our DNA.  He examines the physics of the Sumerian creation account of a planet named Nibiru smashing into a large planet called Tiamat, cleaving her in two, sending half of the planet to rotate on the other side of Mars (Earth) and pulverizing the remaining half of Tiamat into the asteroid belt.   Tellinger notes how most of the land on our planet is all on one side and how our moon is relatively too big for a planet our size.  He looks at man’s endless obsession with gold throughout the ages and links creation of Homo sapiens to ancient astronauts gene splicing primitive workers to mine gold, demanding absolute obedience from them, and instilling fear into them.  He presents the vengeful Old Testament God as not the creator of all, but the Anunnaki leader named Enlil.  In his zeal to debunk misinformation taught in the name of religion, Tellinger presents Jesus Christ as a messiah manufactured by the Anunnaki gods to give a facelift to their desire to control the humans.

Tellinger makes a big point that we were custom designed to be inferior and subservient to the Gods who created us, but that we have evolved and grown in consciousness, shedding the limitations they placed on us.

Tellinger was the keynote speaker at the American Society of Dowsers convention on June 9, 2012, talking about recent archeological discoveries in South Africa that back up Sitchin’s work.  Tellinger has many Youtube videos on these topics including the 10,000 prediluvial ancient gold mines that have been found in South Africa, the ten million stone circles found in South Africa that create properties of cymatics which may have been used to help mine the gold by ancient peoples, and the discoveries of Enki’s observatory and Adam’s Calendar.

Stephen Greer

In his book Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge (2006), Physician Stephen Greer discloses the content of years of high-level meetings with hundreds of military and government officials, including former CIA Director R. James Woolsey, members of the US Senate, and senior UN officials.  Greer founded the Disclosure Project, online at www.disclosureproject.org, a group pressuring the US government to disclose to the public what they know about the ET presence on earth, particularly because of its far-reaching beneficial implications for our environment. Here is their mission statement:

The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 500 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.

According to the Disclosure Project, the vast majority of the ET presence is here to help our planet.  They say that if the ETs had wanted to blow us up or take us over, they would have already done it, because they have the technology to do so.  The Disclosure project says the ETs want to help us and have a great investment in discouraging us from using nuclear weapons on this planet.  They claim that ETs have shut down the launch mechanisms in some nuclear testing, a claim that a pilot also made in the documentary Thrive. Greer also founded CSETI, the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and offers ET/UFO workshops at the Gilliland ranch in Washington.

Susan Collins

In her book Meet Alien Energy with Dowsing, author and inter-species communicator Susan Collins gives a systematic way to get accurate information about Aliens safely through the art of dowsing. Susan differentiates between helpful ETs, detrimental ETs, and neutral ETs. She dowses to see whether the beneficial ones are working for their own benefit or for the benefit of humanity. I heard her speak at the American Society of Dowsers national convention in June of 2017. Susan expressed her feelings about not liking aliens slinking around and abducting people to do experiments. She demanded that ETs get a signed informed consent and encouraged humans to claim their power and assert their right not to be abducted against their will.

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