(This topic is covered in Soul Detective Level Two Training)

Some energetic cords are beneficial.  When we ask for help from the spiritual realm in the form of angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, and other Beings of Light, we are establishing beneficial energetic cords through which information can flow to guide our lives and help us with specific missions.  Mothers frequently have energetic cords to their babies through which they communicate so they can understand the baby’s needs.  Healthy mothers have cords to the hearts of their children through which love flows, all of their lives.   These cords are all beneficial.  But sometimes energetic cords between people are detrimental.


Cords of Control

For example, if a parent still has an energetic cord of wanting to control the behavior of a child when that child has reached adulthood, this refusal to “cut the apron strings” will damage the child’s ability to learn to fend on one’s own.  Bosses may try to control the behavior of their employees through yelling, episodes of irrational outbursts, and unrealistic demands which set up a fear pattern in their workers which then leaves them vulnerable to their power center getting corded to the boss.  Unscrupulous gurus may use cords of control to get their devotees to give them money.

Sexual Cords

Sexual union creates energetic cords between people.  In a healthy, committed marriage, these cords help strengthen the marriage and family ties.  When a couple goes through a divorce, dissolving the legal aspect of the marriage does not release the energetic cords between the two people.  Sometimes former spouses are so hurt by the separation and settlement of property and custodial rights for the children that they hate each other and use the energetic connection between them to channel anger and rage to the ex-spouse.

Casual sexual encounters also create energetic cords between the two parties.  Cultures disagree on how long these energetic connections last.  The longest time I have heard is that they endure throughout the entire lifetime.  The shortest time I have heard is that they last one month.  In Russia, the traditional belief is that they last for seven years.

When a relationship ends and one person cannot stop thinking about the former partner, the two people are probably still corded with one or both unable to let go of the energetic connection.

Energy Straws

People who are feeling depleted may unconsciously send an energetic cord into the power center of another person to suck out energy, even if the other person is just a friend and not a sexual partner.  This kind of cord usually dissolves once one is no longer in the physical presence of that person.  We talk about feeling drained after having spent time with a very needy person.  One partner in a dysfunctional relationship may draw on the vitality of the other one on an ongoing basis rather than building independent sources of energy.



The Soul Detective protocol to release detrimental energetic cords uses muscle testing to count how many energetic cords are present and to determine exactly where each one connects in the energy system—whether to biofields, chakras, meridians, or
organs.  The person then senses into the cord to get more information on how it is configured and perhaps why it is there.  Then we call in trans-personal help to do whatever is necessary to release the cord and heal and seal the place of attachment.

Another kind of specialized detrimental energetic cord is a curse or a hex, explained in the next topic.

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