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Are spirits real?  The idea that the essence of a person could survive death of the physical body is not widely accepted in science, yet most religions teach about this realm of the spirit, the part of us that never dies.  The issue of spirits comes up in the real estate business, where the problem of haunted houses is so great that each state in our country has to decide whether or not a seller must disclose the presence of a ghost to a potential buyer.  In some states, paranormal activity in a house is not required to be disclosed, but in others, it is.  In Hawaii, because of their respect for the land and spirituality, a seller is required to disclose the presence of a ghost on the property to anyone interested in purchase.

Evidence of Spirit Presence and Communication

Sometimes a deceased person will attach to a place like a former home, but other times a person who dies and is not able to make the transition into the Light seems to attach to another living person.  Technology has been developed that can actually photograph the presence of earthbound spirit attachments.  An American engineer named Patrick Richards invented a device called the Luminator to make the air temperature in a room constant from the floor to the ceiling to save on heating and cooling bills.  The device proved to be too expensive to be practical for its original purpose, but it had a side effect of creating a coherent field of light in the room so that the presence of spirit phenomena could be photographed with Polaroid photography.  The book Supercoherence:The 7th Sense (2008) by Thrity Engineer explains the process in detail and has photographs.

Before his death, Thomas Alva Edison was busy working on a device to communicate with the dead.  He and his assistant Dr. Miller Hutchinson felt this invention would contribute more to the thinking of the human race than all of Edison’s other inventions put together–the electric light, the phonograph, and motion pictures.  Edison wrote, “If our personality survives, then it is strictly logical or scientific to assume that it retains memory, intellect, other faculties, and knowledge that we acquire on this Earth. Therefore … if we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument, when made available, ought to record something.”(www.worlditc.com)  Edison died before he could complete his communication device, but author Mark Macy was part of a group of people who went on to develop just such devices.  At first they began to receive messages through electronic voice phenomena (EVP) on tape recorders, and guess who was communicating on the other end: Thomas Edison!  In addition to Edison, other scientists who had fully crossed into the Light including Marie Curie appeared to be busy working to help those of us still on earth.  As the group of people involved in instrumental transcommunication (ITC) progressed, they began to receive messages by telephone, radios, TVs, and computers.  Sometimes whole pages of information would appear on their computer screens.  Macy notes that in order to establish this communication with the world beyond, the group of people receiving the messages needed to be in harmony with each other.  Later when the group went through personality conflicts and power struggles, they were no longer able to receive messages.  Macy’s book Spirit Faces: The Truth About the Afterlife (2006) goes into detail about the nature of their communication with those in the spirit realm and also has many photographs that show the presence of earthbound spirit attachments using Luminator technology.

At the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine (ISSEEEM) conference in 2011, Yale graduate psychiatrist Robert Alcorn presented a video of work he did with a patient whose grandmother’s spirit was attached to her.  The Luminator was running during the session, and photographer Jack Stucki took Polaroid photographs which showed visible evidence of the grandmother’s spirit attached to the patient.  As Dr. Alcorn worked to help the grandmother release and cross into the Light, the patient’s photograph became clear and coherent.  During the session an entity that said it was from the Dark Side appeared, blocking the healing process.  As Dr. Alcorn helped this entity to detach from the patient, a face that looks a little like the Phantom in the Phantom of the Opera appears to emerge from the patient’s torso on the Polaroid photograph.  Dr. Alcorn then helped the dark entity to transform and be filled with Light.  The script of this video and photographs from the session are in Dr. Alcorn’s book Healing Stories: My Journey from Mainstream Psychiatry Toward Spiritual Healing (2011).

Brazilian Spiritual Healers

Some Brazilian spiritual healers claim that 85% of all chronic illness is due to the presence of earthbound spirit attachments draining the vitality of the host.  These spirits attach to the outer layers of the energy field and over time work their way further into the host, sometimes actually taking possession of the person.  Brazilian spiritist healers invite the spirits of deceased doctors who have gone to the Light to do a process called “invisible surgery” to heal people. I was personally healed of a heart murmur in Brazil through this process of invisible surgery.

Once someone asked Carl Jung if he believed that God exists.  Jung responded, “I don’t believe, I know.”  Jung further said, “The word ‘belief’ is a difficult thing for me. I don’t believe. I must have a reason for a certain hypothesis. Either I know a thing, and then I know it – I don’t need to believe it.”  http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/c/carljung157279.html#GodiXu26OUFpVdIV.99

Likewise, now my belief in spiritual healing work is not a mental construct, it is a direct experience of a supernatural reality that healed my physical body.  The evidence beats in my chest every moment of my life.

Earthbound Spirits

In ancient times, healing and spirituality were not divorced.  A sick person went to the shaman of the tribe to find the origin of the issue.  If a person had an earthbound spirit attachment, the shaman would do a procedure they called a “depossession” to help the spirit detach from the host and cross into the Light.  A person who has a spirit attachment will experience the imprint of the problems the deceased person had while still living.  Also, the presence of the spirit attachment drains the vitality of the host.  For example, if a parent dies of cancer and attaches to a child, the immune system of the child will be compromised from the energy drain of having an attachment, and the child will then be more likely to develop the same illness as the parent. Helping the earthbound spirit cross into the world of light releases the living human from the imprint of the deceased person’s illness and gives the living person more energy to heal, without the energetic drain of the earthbound spirit.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

One famous case of haunting is that actress Jennifer Love Hewitt believed her house was haunted and contacted paranormal investigator Mary Ann Winkowski for help.  Mary Ann has the gift of being able to communicate with the deceased.  She went to Love Hewitt’s home and found the spirit of a young man who had been killed in a car crash who said he was a great fan of Jennifer.  Mary Ann found out the man’s name and address.  Further investigation showed that a man by that name at that address had been killed in a car accident.  He had gone to high school with Jennifer, and his room was plastered with posters of her.  Reports on the internet say Hewitt felt that this ghost was watching out for her.  This incident was part of the birthing of the popular TV show “Ghost Whisperer” which ran on CBS from 2005 to 2010.  Mary Ann was a consultant to the show, and Jennifer Love Hewitt was an associate producer.

What I can say with confidence is that if my client feels that she or he has an earthbound spirit attachment, if I treat that problem as if it were true, the client gets better.  The story has emotional reality to the client whether or not the situation can be objectively verified, as in the case of Jennifer Love Hewitt.

In the theory of reincarnation, the soul essence sends part of its energy to incarnate into a physical body to learn lessons and/or complete a mission here on the earth plane.  When the incarnation ends and the spirit leaves the physical body, it normally moves into a higher dimension of Light, commonly called heaven, and returns to the soul essence from which it came.  But a number of different factors can block the spirit from moving into the next world and keep it stuck on the earth plane without a physical body. Sometimes a spirit may be fragmented so that part goes into the Light at death, but parts carrying unresolved emotional burdens remain earthbound.  While the common name for this phenomenon is a “ghost,” I prefer the term “earthbound spirit.”  This spirit may attach to a person or a place, or it may wander.  When it links to the energy field of a living person, we call the situation an “earthbound spirit attachment.”


A number of different problems can keep a spirit earthbound:

  1. Unresolved grief of a loved one. When a loved one such as a parent, a child, or a sibling dies and a person is not able to accept the loss, the unresolved grief of the survivor seems to make an energetic pull on the deceased that prevents the spirit from fully moving into the next world.
  2. Strong negative feelings at the moment of death. When a person dies in a state of terror, anger, or rage, these feelings are like lead bags holding down a hot air balloon that should rise.  They seem to chain the spirit to the gravitational field of the earth.  For example, civilians who are killed in wars often have very strong negative feelings, because soldiers are only supposed to kill other soldiers, not civilians.
  3. Not knowing what to expect. People with no spiritual training may not know what to expect at the moment of death.  They may think consciousness will end, as if the lights went out and they ceased to exist.  The spirit never dies, and after it leaves the physical body, one still has feelings and can hear and see everything.  Athiests may think that they are still alive and not notice that the body they are in is not their own.  In fact, Gary Leon Hill, author of People Who Don’t Know They Are Dead quips, “Being dead is so much like being alive that many people die without realizing their condition.”
  4. Confusion or disorientation at the moment of death. Other factors that may contribute to a person not realizing what is happening when everyone stops talking to them (except Soul Detectives and mediums!) are situations that impair cognitive brain functions:  head trauma such as a car accident, Alzheimer’s, or drug stupor at the moment of death either from a drug overdose or from opiates given to ease the pain of the final stage of terminal illness. Please note that most people who die make the transition into the next world just fine.  Not everyone who dies from one of the situations listed above becomes earthbound—just a few.
  5. Fear of punishment. When people have done things they know are wrong, they may turn away from the Light because they fear they will be sent to a place of punishment.  People who have been raised in strict religious traditions often believe that God is an angry God who will punish them for all of their sins.  The Catholic Church has taught that after death, the soul goes into purgatory, a place of fire, where one’s sins are burned away to purify the soul before it is ready to go into heaven.  Sometimes people are so afraid they will go into purgatory or hell that they refuse to budge and stay earthbound.
  6. Unfinished business. The television show Ghost Whisperer and the movie Ghost portray people who stay earthbound because of unresolved interpersonal issues.  Once the situation is resolved, they are at peace and can cross into the Light.
  7. Attachment to material possessions. Some people become so attached to their material possessions that they do not want to leave them when they die.  Real estate agents know that sometimes the deceased former owner of a house has not vacated the premises and is still “living” in what that person considers his or her home.  The new occupants may hear footsteps and noises, and lights may go on and off—all signs of poltergeist activity.



How would you know if you had an earthbound spirit attachment?  The following symptoms are clues, but Soul Detectives use muscle testing to determine whether or not someone else has invaded one’s energy field:

  1. Constant Fatigue. Feeling drained of energy is the primary symptom.  While alive, we get energy from the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the electromagnetic field of the earth.  People without bodies cannot eat or drink, so they have no way to get their own energy.  They need to plug in to someone else’s energy, which drains the host.  The situation is somewhat like a vampire who steals energy from other people.  An analogy is that a living person with an earthbound spirit attachment is riding a bicycle up a hill and carrying a hitchhiker on the back of the bike who has no pedals to help push!
  2. Cold Chill. Earthbound spirits drain energy, also called “chi,” from the spaces they occupy.  When entering a room where an earthbound spirit resides, one may feel a cold chill that penetrates right to the bones.  Also, the hair on the back of the neck may stand up—a very uneasy, unsafe feeling.  When I am with someone with an earthbound spirit attachment, I notice that my hands feel cold and even with turning up the heat, I still feel chilled.
  3. Not Feeling Like Yourself. When someone else has invaded your energy field, you may notice that something is wrong, as if someone else’s thoughts are in your head.  The statement “I don’t feel like myself” is a clue to check whether or not you have picked up a spirit attachment.
  4. Exacerbated Grief. Following someone’s death, one member of the family may have a sudden downward turn in their emotional functioning and become very confused and depressed.  The earthbound spirit of the deceased may have attached to this person, who is now experiencing the feelings of the earthbound spirit.  People often become very confused when they die and people stop talking with them and act like they do not exist anymore.  They may get very depressed, not knowing what to do next, and these feelings imprint onto the person to whom they attach.



  1. Go to a bar and drink so much that you lose consciousness. While you are “out,” the earthbound spirits of deceased alcoholics who are hanging around the bar craving another drink will fight to see who can jump into your energy field while you are unconscious so they can vicariously taste the next drink of alcohol you take.  They will also push you to drink more and more.
  2. Don’t get healing for your emotional wounds. Unresolved emotional trauma leaves a “chink in the armor” of our emotional body.  An earthbound spirit with a similar emotional wound can connect through this portal.
  3. Have an operation. Anesthesia during surgery also opens the psychic gate, as if leaving the front door of one’s house open so anyone  can walk in.  Hospitals regularly  have earthbound spirits of people who died there looking for some nice
    person to go home with.
  4. Get an organ transplant. Once in awhile the earthbound spirit of the organ donor will come along with your new organ.
  5. Don’t let go of your  loved ones when they die. Tell them, “Stay with me!  I can’t survive without you!”  They might just honor your request and attach  to your energy field.



Call In Spiritual Help

When Soul Detectives work with earthbound spirits, we always call in trans-personal helpers—angels, guardians, and religious figures.  When working with spirits, we need spiritual help!

Treat the Spirit First

First we treat the discarnate spirit as if that person were the client. Since the spirit is attached to a living person, we can find the exact nature of the spirit’s past life trauma (their immediate past life) with muscle testing.  Also, because their energy system is linked to that of the host, when the client taps, the earthbound spirit also receives the benefits of the tapping!

Once the emotional trauma of the earthbound spirit is dissolved, we call in loved ones already in the Light to accompany them on their journey into the next world and spiritual helpers to make a safe transition back into the Light.

Treat the Wound in the Host

The last step in the Soul Detective Earthbound Spirit Protocol is to treat the emotional wound in the host which allowed the spirit to attach to prevent further invasion of the energy field.  This protocol to release earthbound spirit attachments is elaborated in my book Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present.

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