(This topic is covered in Soul Detective Level Three Training)

Detrimental energy runs the gamut from its most mild form of the constant stream of self-critical thoughts running through a person’s mind, to a medium level of a fixed negative life belief such as “the world is not safe,” to the most extreme form of a set of distortions and negative life beliefs which constellate into the presence of an interference pattern that seems to come in from the outside.  Psychiatrist Shakuntala Modi reports in her book Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness that she was extremely surprised when a patient of hers named Nick who had a long history of migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, and depression was cured in one session after he reported finding an Entity in himself that had gotten into him to torture him when he was using drugs.  As this Entity talked, angels surrounded it and asked it to look within itself.  The entity transformed into a being of pure Light and then expressed sadness for all the pain it had caused Nick and “to humanity from the beginning of time.”  Dr. Modi was shocked and wondered whether the Entity was real or a figment of his imagination made up so he would not have to take responsibility for his problems.  But then she realized that whether the Entity was real or imaginary did not matter.  She decided, “What really mattered was that Nick was free of his problems.” (p.30)

Oriental Medicine calls viruses and bacteria “evil spirits” because they come in from the outside unbidden, they can invade through physical wounds, and they are only able to get in if the immune system is not strong enough to find and eliminate them.  Likewise, “dark  energies” seem to be able to infect a person when their emotional body has been wounded.


Children internalize a parental voice of guidance to help them to keep the rules of society.  This voice is heard as a constant stream of self-criticism, which does not get out of hand in normal development.  However, when a person is wounded emotionally, that person is subject to spiritual infection by a negative thought system that could be called a “Dark Angel.”  The Bible talks about a war in heaven in the book of Revelations, where Lucifer, the brightest of all the angels, wanted to be equal to God instead of serving God.  Archangel Michael and his angels went to war with Lucifer and defeated him, throwing him out of heaven, along with a third of the angels in the heavenly host who had sided with him.  These outcasts could be called “Fallen Angels.”

Detrimental Energy Protocol

Building upon the work of William Baldwin, Dr. Stone’s Soul Detective Detrimental Energy Protocol sets sacred space, then calls on help from the trans-personal realm to discover the cognitive distortions in the belief system of “the dark side,” to find the spark of light within the darkness, “the shadow gold,” and to raise its consciousness to correct the lies the fallen angels have been told so they can see the truth.  One might call this process “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Dark Angels.”  The Dark Angels are then invited to rejoin the Brotherhood of Light and to get new jobs working for Archangel Michael.

The following case example illustrates how the dark energies are able to invade through emotional wounds, their distorted belief systems, and the process of transformation of the Dark Angel into a “New Lightworker.”  Please note the difference between this protocol for transformation and the traditional approach to dark energy, which is to cast it out–to dissociate from it.  The Soul Detective process mines the gold in the heart of this shadow program, to see where the soul needs to heal and to give the Dark Angel a chance for rehabilitation rather than rejection.

Advisory note: This work may seem simple in the following write up, but it has many intricacies and needs a trained professional and spiritual protection for everyone to do it safely.


Solara was a wise woman, advanced in years, who desperately wanted to share the gift of her wisdom and her vision of evolved humans being able to create heaven on earth before her spirit left her body.  Problems with her physical health drained her energy, taking her out of action in the outside world, but deeper into her interior life.

Imbalanced Aura

At the beginning of her session, I measured the edges of her energy field with my six-inch dowsing rods and found that it was imbalanced, about five feet in the front, back, and right sides, but with only three inches of energy on the left side—a severe deficit.

Dark Energy

We muscle tested that the origin of her energetic imbalance was a Dark Energy which had attached to her mother and then jumped to Solara ten years ago when her mother died.  Solara’s mother had been from a poor family and had married her father when she was only 14 years old.  She became pregnant with Solara only three months after the marriage, and the family thought her parents had married because they were already pregnant.  The father’s family had a business that gave them a comfortable living but required a lot of travel.  Her father’s family treated her mother like one of the hired servants and never accepted her.  At times, her father was violent toward her mother.  Often left alone, on Sundays her mother would go down into the woods and sit on a log and cry out the misery of her life.  As a fetus, Solara absorbed all of this sorrow.

Sacred Space

We set sacred space with a pyramid of Light around us with archangels on all sides and Archangel Michael at the apex.  We invited the guardians and guardian angels of everyone involved to come into the pyramid to assist with the healing work for Solara’s soul.

We interviewed this Dark Angel and found that its purpose was to make people miserable.  Surprisingly, the dark force thought it was working for the Light!  Referring to her mother, it said, “I gave her a focus.  She was such a lost, unhappy soul.  I gave her something to do to take her mind away, a reason for it all.  I filled a vacuum.  Although she did not consciously believe that suffering brings one closer to God, this idea was present at a subconscious level in the religious teachings of her church.”

The Dark Angel further communicated, “When your mother died ten years ago, I jumped from her to you since I needed a new home, and your health started deteriorating.  I think being miserable is virtuous!”

Once we convinced the Dark Angel that the Light would never try to make people miserable, it realized it had been working for the Darkness.  Its dark employer was very determined and felt it had fertile ground for producing more misery.  The dark employer had never seen any evidence of happiness and did not want to enter what it called “some other illusion.”

Light in the Center

When we asked the Dark Angel itself to look into its center, it responded, “I can see some Light, and I am beginning to believe there is much more.  Nobody has ever questioned my job before.  I think I see that truly at my core is only goodness.  I would like to experience this other side.”

Archangel Michael invited the Dark Angel to quit its old job and get a new job working for the light.  Its new job choice was to work in war zones.  As “New Lightworker,” it said, “I can see that in war-torn countries where people are so violent, these people are also under the spell of this darkness which had me mesmerized for so long.  I want to help them see there is a better way, and that fear is the only thing that has kept them captive to the violence.  This energy can be transformed and used to help heal our world.”

To finish the work with this New Lightworker, we invited it to have Archangel Michael free it from all its energetic cords to the darkness so that it could not be yanked back into its old job.  It was happy to comply so that it could keep its job promotion.

Rainbow Ride

We muscle tested that Solara’s mother’s spirit was still earthbound, weighed down by the sorrow in her life.  We did meridian tapping to help her mother release her shame, guilt, rage, and trauma.  Then she was ready to cross, and she wanted her brother who was already in the Light to come help her get to the other side with “a rainbow ride.”

Healing and Sealing the Entry Points

Next we worked to heal and seal the places where the Dark Angel had been able to invade Solara’s energy body.  We muscle tested that it had been attached at Solara’s throat, heart, and solar plexus, which had no light in it.  When we asked the angels to repair her solar plexus, the lights started coming on.  It had attached to her heart center earlier in her life in a moment of deep unhappiness with the lack of intimacy in her life.  The residue of not feeling recognized allowed it to attach to her throat.  Solara had felt her family had not understood her, and they had joked that she had been dropped on the porch by aliens.  She was a very shy child and had never wanted to incur the wrath of her father, who used a razor strap for punishment with her and her siblings.  Solara had not been fully in touch with her own authenticity, as the throat center is about speaking one’s truth.

To heal the wounds that had allowed this Dark Angel to infect Solara, we cleared the trapped emotions of sorrow and unworthiness.  We also muscle tested that her soul had originated in another galaxy and came here to help.  Her soul purpose was to be a lover of the universe!  Seeing the core of light in Solara’s center, a nun had once told her, “You are joy!”

Multiplying the Benefits

We multiplied the benefits, inviting any other dark forces with similar jobs of making people suffer to come into our pyramid of light and get better jobs working for Archangel Michael.  We muscle tested that over seven million other dark forces converted to becoming New Lightworkers.  What a great step toward building heaven right here on earth!

After our work, the dowsing rods measured Solara’s energy field as larger and much more balanced, with about nine and a half feet on all four sides, which indicates a radiant, healthy energy body.  Solara left the session feeling much lighter, more energized, and more excited about what was yet ahead in her life.  Although issues continued to challenge her and put her into a downward physical spiral, Solara wrote the following poem soon after our session:


On this first day

Of this new year,

In this snow-covered land

I feel a warming and a thawing

In our cold and frozen world.

I feel the opening of hearts

All over the world,

As we awaken to the warmth of Love.

Through the darkness I can see

Faint, isolated glimmers of light.

As I watch, the lights grow brighter –


The Light-bearers begin to connect.

Soon the darkness disappears

And the world is embraced

By a warm, radiant glow –

All hearts are connected.

Our precious Earth and all of life

Are embraced by the Love

That moves the sun and the other stars.

It is the Epiphany we have envisioned;

We have awakened to who we are:



CREATORS of the New World

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