Soul Detective Certification

FOR BECOMING A FULL TRAINER: Having held a license in the field of mental health (even if the license is retired)

FOR BECOMING A CO-TRAINER TO TEACH WITH A FULL TRAINER: No license is required, but the applicant needs to have an active healing practice.

Counseling Education Guides for people who do not yet have a degree but would like to explore options, including online programs:



  1. Schedule a half hour phone consultation with Dr. Stone before submitting the application to talk about becoming a trainer. There is no extra charge for this consultation.
  2. Submit an application to the Teacher Training program along with application fee of $120.
  3. Repeat all four levels of Soul Detective training as a graduate (half price tuition).
  4. Complete 12 study modules including 17 DVDs and accompanying reading or assignments that go into depth on Soul Detective topics. Each module will include passing a multiple choice test on the topics covered in the module and any assigned reading.  These modules will need to be completed before co-teaching a class with Dr. Stone.
  5. Attend a 5-day teacher training with Dr. Stone which will include the following:

a. Teacher’s manual for each level, the opportunity to ask questions about any areas that are unclear, and a chance  to ask for edits to improve or amplify content

b. Attuning to the spiritual support system that will help you teach

c. Practice teaching a Soul Detective element of your choice in front of the group for feedback, including doing a protocol demonstration with a volunteer from the group

d. Discussion of teaching props and practice of using “object lessons”

e. Marketing ideas including newsletters and websites, and logistics of organizing a workshop.

f. Morning yoga and meditation sessions

g. Evening time to meditate, socialize, and share life experiences

7. Co-teach a workshop for each of the four levels with Dr. Stone and get feedback coaching from Dr. Stone. If more than one time of co-teaching feels necessary either for the student or for Dr. Stone, more than one workshop may be co-taught until both parties are confident in the candidate’s teaching skills.

8. Monthly support conference calls for teachers and teacher training candidates for a period of two years, after which trainers and co-trainers are welcome to continue as they choose. These calls are for dealing with teaching issues that may arise, updating everyone on the constantly-broadening scope of Soul Detective turf, and also for personal support for the challenges that may come into the lives of the teachers.

The 12 Modules and Assignments:


  1. Muscle testing parameters, centering tests and corrections,

Study DVD:

The Art of Muscle Testing


Dennison, P. & Dennison, G. (1992). Brain Gym: Simple Activities for Whole Brain Learning.  Edu Kinesthetics

Hawkins, D. R.(1995). Power Versus Force: An Anatomy of Consciousness, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior. Sedona, AZ: Veritas.

2. Protocols for past life trauma and parallel life trauma

Study DVDs:

Past Life Trauma Protocol Part 1

Past Life Trauma Protocol Part 2

Demonstration of the Protocol Part 3


Leininger, Bruce and Andrea with Gross, Ken. Soul Survivor: The reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot.  New York, NY: Grand Central Publishing

Snow, Robert. (1999). Looking for Carroll Beckwith: The True Story of a Detective’s Search for His Past Life.  Daybreak Books.

3. The meridian system layout, pathways, and associated emotions, and clearing substance sensitivities

Study DVD:

The Meridian System & Clearing Substance Sensitivities


Diamond, J. (1985). Life Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Emotions. St. Paul, MN: Paragon House.

Whisenant, William F. (1994). Psychological Kinesiology: Changing the Body’s Beliefs. Kailua, HI: Monarch Butterfly Productions.

4. The chakra system and chakra interventions


Judith, Anodea. (1987). Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Publishing. Consider this book a reference guide to peruse with special attention to pages 55 to 345 which has descriptions of each chakra, symbols, correspondences, what the chakra does, and exercises to strengthen each chakra.

Watch Video:

Judith, Anodea, The Illuminated Chakras. The DVD can be purchased on Amazon at

5. The diagnostic procedure for Psychological Reversals and Customized Sequences

Study DVDs:

Algorithms, Customization, and Directional Eye Movement Protocol

Psychological Reversals & Customization Demo

Negative Life Beliefs


Make a video demonstrating your use of building a customized meridian sequence with a client and submit it to Dr. Stone.

6. Curses, hexes, soul loss, energetic cords, and vows

Study DVDs:

Hexes and Soul Loss

Energetic Cords and Vows


Stone, Barbara. (2008). Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present. Energy Psychology Press.

7. Dissociation, psychiatric issues, and Dissociative Experiences Scale


Alcorn, R. (2011). Healing Stories: My Journey from Mainstream Psychiatry Toward Spiritual Healing. Perception Garden Press.

Stone, B. (2012). Transforming Fear into Gold: How Facing What Frightens You the Most Can Heal and Light Up Your Heart. Strongsville, OH: The Indigo Connection.


Administer the Dissociative Experiences Scale to at least 5 clients and report the results to Dr. Stone.

The website below from will give you a pdf file of the scale.,d.cWc

You can also go to this website and take the test online, where it will score it for you.

8. The Interference Pattern procedure, levels of healing

Study DVD:

Checklist and Slide Show Level Three

Choose a book:

For this module, choose a book of your choice that you feel is relevant to ANY aspect of Soul Detective work and write a 500 word report on it that includes the major points, new ideas for you, what makes sense to you, and any concepts you question.

 9. Earthbound spirit, obsessive spirit, ancestral wounds, and torsion spin protocols

Study DVDs:

Earthbound Spirits Level Three

Ancestral Wounds and Torsion Spin


Fiore, Edith. (1987). The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession.  New York: Ballantine Books.

Hill, Gary Leon. (2005). People Who Don’t Know They’re Dead.  Boston: Weiser Books.

Ritchie, George & Stevenson, Ian. (1988). Ordered to Return: My Life After Dying.  Grand Rapids: Spire.


Ireland-Frey, Louise. Freeing the Captives: The Emerging Therapy of Treating Spirit Attachment. Charlottesville, VA: Hampton Roads.

Luis, Andre, channeled through Xavier, Francisco. (2006) Nosso Lar: An Account of Life in a Spirit Colony in the World of Spirits. Conselho Espirita Internacional. (Or watch the movie Astral City.)

10. Detrimental Energy Protocol

Study DVD:

Detrimental Energy Protocol and Demo


Baldwin, William. (2003). Healing Lost Souls: Releasing Unwanted Spirits from your Energy Body. Hampton Roads.

Modi, S. (1997). Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness. Charlottesville, VA: Hampton Roads Publishing Co., Inc. Chapter V: Possession or Attachment by Demon Spirits (Entities) and Other Spirits pp. 285-362. The other chapters are optional. (Book is 619 pages long)

11. Djinn Protocol, contracts

Study DVD:

Djinn Protocol and Demo


Grabhorn, Lynn. (2003). Dear God! What’s Happening to Us? Halting Eons of Manipulation. Charlottesville, V: Hampton Roads Publishing Co.

Guiley, R. (2013).The Djinn Connection: Hidden Links Between Djinn, Shadow People, ETs, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians and other Entities. New Milford, CT: Visionary Living, Inc.

12. ET protocol, use of Mermet Pendulum, and Soul Origin and Purpose

Study DVDs:

ET Implant Removal and Demo

Mermet Pendulum and Soul Origin


Hall, C. (2002). Millennial Hospitality. First Books Library. Or alternatively, watch the Youtube of Charles Hall’s testimony at the X Conference 2005 (1 hour 25 min.)

O’Brien, C. & O’Brien, B.J. (1988). The Shining Ones. Cirencester, England: Dianthus Publishing Ltd. Chapters 1 -11.

Newton, Michael. (2000). Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between LivesLlewellyn Publications.

Sitchin, Zecharia. (2002). The Lost Book of Enki. Rochester, VT: Bear & Co.

Costs of each component:  

  1. Application fee is $120
  2. Repeat all three levels of Soul Detective training as a graduate (half price tuition). The complete training without any discounts would be half of $2,635 = $1,317.50. Combining extra-earlybird discounts plus discounts for taking all the trainings together would come to half of $2,210 = $1,105. If you organize a soul detective training to attend as a graduate, there would be no tuition charge for you.
  3. Ethics and Legal Principles & Risk Management Strategies for Soul Detective Practitioners/Trainers online course with Midge Murphy is $119.
  4. Complete 12 study modules. The cost for the 17 DVD set and the tests is $50 per module = $600. One payment plan is $300 at the beginning for the DVD set and then $25 with completion of each module. If paying in full for everything at the onset, the cost is discounted from $600 to $575.  In addition to the cost for the modules and tests is the cost of the books, which will vary with purchasing new or used copies, library loan, or kindle editions.

5. The cost of the 5-day teacher training with Dr. Stone is $925

for tuition plus transportation and lodging. The training will be at my home in Millersburg, Ohio. Lunch will be provided, and candidates are encouraged to bring food to share for breakfast and supper as we will have evening sessions on the first three nights.

6. Co-teach a workshop with Dr. Stone after completing the Teacher Training Workshop. There is no charge for the co-teaching and feedback.

7. Monthly support conference calls for teachers and teacher training candidates for a period of two years, after which trainers and co-trainers are welcome to continue as they choose. Cost for the one hour monthly support calls: $50 per month for a total of $600 per year for two years = $1,200. $50 discount per year if paying with a check in full at the beginning = $550/year.

9. Optional individual consultations to cover issues that come up and feel like they cannot wait until the next conference call will be available and given top priority in Dr. Stone’s schedule. These hours will be billed at her regular hourly fee.

After completion:

Upon completion, Trainers will sign a legal agreement outlining the rights and responsibilities of each party.

Trainers may list their training dates and contact information for details on the Soul Detective website at no charge. 

PDF files for the manuals will be sent to all trainers via email upon completion. Updates to the manuals will also be sent to the trainers. Trainers have the right to print one copy of the manual per student for a fee of $10 per manual, to be sent in to Dr. Stone along with a class list of students who have completed the training. This fee includes tracing the student in the Soul Detective database for possible certification. Teachers do not need to pay for extra manuals they have printed that were not used. They are not allowed to sell these copies with the exception that extra copies printed up may be sold to students for the cost of their printing if a student wants a copy both for the home and for the office.

All costs and profits from Soul Detective workshops taught by Trainers/Co-trainers belong to them. No financial liability or commission fee will be assigned to Dr. Stone other than the $10 per manual.