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Finalist Award for Transforming Fear into Gold

Transforming Fear into Gold was a finalist in the Book News USA awards for 2013 in the category of "General Health." Note that facing and transforming your fear is very good for your health!

Television Appearance

Interview of Dr. Stone by Rev. Elizabeth Howell

Elizabeth Howell

Elizabeth Howell, hostess of TV show "Psychic Sushi."

Tip of the Week


One of the best ways to decrease fear is to recognize that our essence has immortality. Even when the spirit leaves the physical body, we don’t disappear. We just go someplace else, and when our loved ones leave their bodies, they can come and join us in the new place. Looking at death this way takes the fear out of the transition. No matter what happens, our essence is immortal.


Indigenous people have always believed in spirits, but modern science views the body as a machine that breaks down.  Western medicine simply takes out the old part and puts in a new one—a joint replacement, heart transplant, kidney transplant, etc.  The Soul Detective investigates why the body’s mechanics are not working properly, tracing the origin of the symptoms to a list of topics including areas in the invisible world that most people never think of checking.  The Soul Detective wants to know why the part broke down and what kind of soul repair needs to happen, as the Soul Detective protocol to work with each of these specific issues is different:

The scope of Soul Detective work includes the following topics: