• Have you ever met someone new and felt as if you had known that person your whole life?
  • Have you ever gone to a new place and felt as if you had been there before, maybe even knowing where things were?
  • Have you ever had a physical problem that was unresponsive to treatments that usually cure that issue?
  • Have you ever had a fear or a phobia of something and you could not figure out how you got it?

All of these situations point to the possibility of past life connections to a person or a place.  Sometimes the root cause of an emotional problem or a relationship difficulty lies in unresolved trauma from a past life.

If your logic mind cannot explain any of the above, stay curious and come witness a free demonstration of a gentle, heart centered Past Life Regression protocol from the Soul Detective Level 1 training. If you are so called, come take the Soul Detective Level 1 Training which teaches this amazing protocol 0n Feb. 15 and Feb 16,2020!

Date:  Wednesday, JAN. 18, 2023

Presenter and Trainer: Harriette McDonough, LCSW, DCEP, ACP-EFT  www.threearms.com( first trained teacher by Dr. Barbara Stone, the developer of Soul Detective® Protocols www.souldetective.net)

Time: 6:30PM-8:00PM

Place: ZOOM

Cost: FREE

Target Audience: Mental Health, health, and healing arts professionals.

To Reserve seat: Must Text or call Harriette at 516-680-2463 or email at Harriettemcd@gmail.com