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* Note: These audio files (Mp3) are large and will take some time to download. We recommend that you allot adequate time to download your purchased files and that you do so on a high speed internet connection. Your download links will be sent to you via email from Barbara so that you can download the files from Hightail. We are working on automating the delivery process for a faster, more efficient service.

Multi-Series Purchase options

Save money by purchasing 2 or more series at the same time.

Buy 2 Series – $340 (save $20)
Buy 3 Series – $480 (save $60)
Buy 4 Series – $599 (save $121)
Buy 5 Series – $740 (save $151)
Buy 6 Series – $899 (save $181)
Buy 7 Series – $1045 (save $215)
Buy 8 Series – $1165 (save $275)
Buy 9 Series – $1260 (save $360)
*To purchase the Beginner’s Series, see the individual series purchase options.

Select the Number of Series you wish to purchase, then select the series.

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Individual Series* ($180 each)

Beginner’s Series

– currently available only as a standalone purchase. Not included as a multi-series option.
1. The Art of Muscle Testing
2. Centering
3. Pendulum Dowsing
4. Trauma: Effect and Release Methods

Series One

1. Family Constellation Issues
2. Archetypes
3. Boundary Protocol
4. Dreams

Series Two

1. Past life Trauma, Parallel Life Trauma, Positive Past Life, Earthbound Spirit, and Obsessive Spirit Protocols
2. Detrimental Energy Protocol
3. Djinn Protocol
4. Invasive Programs (ET Interference Protocol)

Series Three

1. Soul Loss
2. Chakra Interventions: New Techniques
3. Curses and Hexes
4. Pendulum Dowsing: New Techniques

Series Four

1. Vows
2. Dissociation/DID
3. Contracts
4. Soul Origin/Affinity

Series Five

1. Reptilian Protocol
2. Customizing Meridian and Chakra Treatments
3. Surgery Support
4. Ethics

Series Six

1. Soul Purpose
2. Enhancing Your Soul Detective Practice
3. Clearing Houses, Battlegrounds, Burial Grounds and Portals
4. Sorcery Guidelines

Series Seven

1. High Ranking Dark Force Entity Protocol
2. The Art of Muscle Testing
3. Birth Issues Protocol
4. Elemental Beings

Series Eight

1. Trauma: Effects and Release Methods
2. Centering
3. Releasing Negative Thought Programs
4. The Meridian System

Series Nine

1. EMF Protection
2. Earthbound Spirits
3. History of the Anunnaki
4. Ancestral Wounds

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